Taylor The Attorney

Are you wearing a lot of hats? Chief of Sales, HR, Accounting, Content… the list goes on. Adding legal into the mix can make scaling your small but mighty business feel more like a nightmare than a dream come true. 

From one online business to another, I understand that setting up the legal structure of your business isn’t as glamorous as dressing up for a brand shoot or scoring a big win for your client. 

But that’s why I am here! Together we’ll make your biz lawfully legit as you get ready to scale beyond solopreneurship. 

Whether you are hiring your very first employee or your 100th, having your legal documents not only conveys your professional prowess but also protects your business from earth-shattering liabilities. 

The Rose Gold legal subscription service is designed for the entrepreneur primed for growth but tripped up on the legalese details that must be hammered out to protect your budding empire.  

Your membership includes ample 1:1 time with your expert attorney. Plus, 24/7 digital access to educational materials, customizable legal document templates, live educational workshops, monthly group sessions, and more!  

It’s basically like having Elle Woods in your inner circle. 

What’s Included: 

  • 1:1 VIP Access To The Attorney
    • Opportunity For One (1) 20 Minute Meeting With Taylor the Attorney A Month
    • Bi-Monthly Office Hours via Text (Between 10 a.m.-3 p.m.) On The First & Third Friday Of Each Month
    • Bi-Monthly Legal Document Review 
  • One (1) Group Q&A Session a Month
  • Quarterly Live Educational Workshops
    • Access To All Past Quarterly Educational Workshops
  • Access To All  Instructional Seminars
    • Including New Bi-Monthly (2)  Instructional Seminars 
  • Access To Guides, Road Maps & eBooks