Your legal BFF. 

Taking care of legal so women-owned service pros, brands, and influencers can thrive without worry. 

Starting a business from scratch was daunting and a tad frightening until speaking with Taylor. I cannot recommend her services enough!

Taylor is amazing! I've never had an attorney explain legal matters as thoroughly and efficiently, and that was just the consultation.

- Jessica Simonetti, AbiLove Co., LLC

Crafting tailored legal solutions for...

Service providers 

Why settle for generic when you're anything but? When you're at the top of your game, your contracts should reflect your expertise. Get tailor-made contracts and more.


From affiliate programs to influencer campaigns, ditch the one-size-fits-all approach. Together, we'll align your legal needs to your ambitions, prepping you for seamless scaling.


Understanding contracts isn't just about the fine print. It's about empowerment. Grasp your terms, flex your negotiation muscles, and elevate your influence.

Say goodbye to jargon you don’t understand (and shouldn’t need to!).

Grasp every detail, so you can stop worrying if you’re protected.

If you avoid legal stuff like you avoid the dentist, you’ve got the wrong attorney. 

Accessible guidance with a touch of flair.

Walkthroughs for peace of mind.

An actually enjoyable legal experience.



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Legal, but make it approachable...

I’m all about crafting legal solutions that offer peace of mind and boost self-confidence for female entrepreneurs. 

After 9+ years practicing law, I had an epiphany. Traditional law firms? Not my thing. They hand over a contract and wave goodbye, while charging clients thousands. But I think powerhouse female founders like you deserve more.

Beyond just legal paperwork, you need a legal confidante who truly gets you, equips you with legal know-how, and ensures your dream ventures are safeguarded.

If you’re in search of a legal BFF who cares (and who just happens to have a penchant for pink and sparklers…), you’ve found her!

Taylor Tomanka, B.S. PR / J.D. / M.B.A.

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