I’m your cheerleader in the legal arena, fiercely dedicated to reshaping the legal landscape for women entrepreneurs.

I get you, the go-getter woman striving to make her mark. With me, you won’t just get legal services; you’ll get a confidante who speaks your language (minus the legalese). Together, we'll laugh, learn, and maybe even have a mini dance party or two — all while securing your business's legal foundations. It’s about empowering you to shine, with the confidence that your business is legally safeguarded.

Bringing some sparkle into the legal world, with…

Step into my virtual office, where the vibe is warm, inclusive, and yes, occasionally decked out in pink! My diverse experience in the legal sector and entrepreneurship arms me with the understanding and empathy to serve female entrepreneurs like an equal and a friend — not a stuffy lawyer.

I'm here to break barriers, making legal services attainable and welcoming, especially for the women who have been historically underserved in the legal domain. With flexible virtual services and budget-friendly price points, I’m here to serve you.



With me, what you see is what you get: an ally who’s here to facilitate your journey to a legally secure business. Let’s foster a community where we can all be our fabulous selves — only now, supported by solid legal foundations.

Picture us having a friendly chat over coffee, where you can ask all your questions without a hint of judgment. Through heartfelt guidance and education, I aim to boost your confidence and equip you with the knowledge to steer clear of legal pitfalls



In law school, I dreamed of making a name for myself at a top firm. But a brief stint at one of those firms (with less-than-stellar ethics) turned that dream on its head. It was a wake-up call, igniting a passion to make a genuine difference.

Over the next nine years, navigating the realms of family law and estate planning, I witnessed countless women grappling with an unsupportive legal system. Their resilience and grit, despite juggling multiple roles and hustles, inspired me.

Thus, the dream of a law firm crafted FOR women blossomed. And Taylor the Attorney was born: a virtual haven where legal advice meets encouragement and sparkle. 

Beyond the fun confetti and pink aesthetics, I am here to usher you into a space where business dreams flourish with legal security and a heavy dose of self-belief.


B.S. Public Relations, Masters in Business Administration & Juris Doctorate

Taylor, by the numbers

9+ years as a Texas attorney

6+ years as a small business owner

6-year streak as a Texas Super Lawyers Rising Star Recipient (2019-2024)

3 years as President of two nationally-affiliated nonprofits

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"I Can't recommend her enough!"

Lauran Jansma-Grimes, Waterloo Creative

I just worked with Taylor and she was incredible! She made everything so easy to understand, and created a fantastic contract for my company very quickly. Once the contract was completed, we had a call to discuss any questions that I had and discussed terms, the reasoning behind them and how it protects my business. 

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