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6 Stages of Legal Protection Process

I created the 6 Stages of Legally Protecting Your Small Business to give overwhelmed and confused female entrepreneurs a place to start.

Because you don’t know…well, what you don’t know.

And, honestly, this ISH can get pretty complex.

I believe that every female entrepreneur needs to be *at least* aware of common legal pitfalls + booby traps that tend to catch business owners off guard.

That way they can make a move and not get screwed. Because to a young business, just one legal mistake could mean the difference between making it to year 2-3 or shuttering its doors.

The 6 Stages Of Legal Protection

1. Setting Up Business Structure
2. Contracts
3. Website, Digital & Social Asset Protection
4. Employees & HR
5. Intellectual Property Protections
6. Business Succession (Retirement) Planning

What You’ll Learn

Everything you need to know (that you didn’t know) about legally protecting and scaling your small business – in a succinct 10-minute video. 

Become aware of everything you need to do to legally form, scale and protect your business from the comfort of your own home. 

Because, let’s be honest, you started your business yourself (most likely with the help of LegalZoom). And you probably got your contract by mangling together some free Google search contract terms you found. 

It’s okay. No judgement here. Many people start out this way.

But, to make the big bucks and to really grow your business – you need it to be functioning like, well… a real business. 

It’s time to put those badly worded legal agreements down and put your trust in someone that knows exactly what they’re doing. For real, this time. 

The Legal Roadmap

This easy-to-follow roadmap is comprehensive, containing all of the legal “essentials”must haves” of protecting your business baby.

If this sounds great to you (and let’s be honest – it totally does), you can learn more about my 5 Stages of Legal Protection Process, but be sure to come back if you’re new here

Watch this 10-minute video and if something strikes a chord – feel free to setup a free discovery call.

But, remember – every business is a unique and special flower that may require individual legal attention.

Don’t freak! I’m just a Zoom Call away.