Sound Like You? If So, the Short Answer Is Yes!

but, do I even need to level up to an llc?

The legal side of your business is often on the back burner, leaving you questioning if you're truly protected.

You've heard the term LLC before but you're still unsure if an LLC is even needed, let alone how it protects you. 

You're ready to say goodbye to endless Google searches and check ‘LLC Formation’ off your to-do list.

You're hoping to gain peace of mind, knowing your business is legally compliant and your personal assets are protected. 

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Texas Business


Register your Texas LLC with the state and check 'LLC Formation' off your to-do list.

Gain expert guidance and avoid headaches, endless Google searches, or confusion over complex legal jargon. 

Avoid common mistakes, delays in processing, rejected applications and ensure your LLC is registered properly.

If you're not quite sure where to begin and you're not ready to hire an attorney, this guide offers a self-guided approach. 

All for $147

You Will Learn How To…

"Taylor has been absolutely AMAZING to work with! I came in not knowing anything about what needs to be done about starting a new business, and Taylor explained everything completely and made the process of getting everything done so easy. If you need a great lawyer, I promise you will not be let down by Taylor!”

- Jessica Simonetti, AbiLove Co., LLC



the breakdown

Preliminary Considerations

Get a solid foundation by understanding the crucial factors to consider before diving into your Texas business venture.

Preliminary Considerations

Forming Your New Business

With step-by-step instructions, insider tips, expert strategies and real life examples, I walk you through
the legal intricacies of forming your business entity.

Forming Your New Business

How To Pay Yourself and Others

Learn how to set up ownership compensation structures, how much to withhold in taxes plus the differences in employing and paying for employees vs. independent contractors.

How To Pay Yourself and Others

Taxes 101

Tackle the daunting world of taxes head-on with this guide to what federal and/or state taxes may be owed while operating business in Texas, so you can develop your tax strategy.

Taxes 101

BONUS: Protecting Your Business Assets

Safeguard your new business with expert legal tips, like how to sign contracts on behalf of the business, and expert sample contract language to use in your own contracts.

BONUS: Protecting Your Business Assets

Say Goodbye To Legal Worries And Hello To Becoming The Confident CEO Your Business Deserves.


the ultimate guide with templates

Comprehensive PDF Guide on How To Start a Texas Business


the ultimate guide

Certificate of Formation Template

Company Agreement (LLC) Template

Organizational Meeting Minute Consent Template

Comprehensive PDF Guide on How To Start a Texas Business

Certificate of Formation Template

Company Agreement (LLC) Template

Organizational Meeting Minute Consent Template

This is for

This is not for

Those who would like to register their business in Texas, regardless of where they reside (USA only).

Those that don’t know where to start and have limited time to figure it out on their own.

Those who need expert guidance without draining their wallet.

Those who want to avoid common mistakes, delays in processing, rejected applications and ensure your LLC is registered properly.

Those looking to register their LLC in a state other than Texas, or those aiming to register a foreign LLC in Texas.

Those wanting to relax and let an expert handle everything (Book a chat with Taylor here to discuss 1:1 services). 

Those wanting to set up a business entity of any type other than an LLC.

Those not overwhelmed with paperwork and dealing with government agencies. 

I’m all about crafting legal solutions that offer peace of mind and boost self-confidence for female entrepreneurs. 

After 9+ years practicing law, I had an epiphany. Traditional law firms? Not my thing. They hand over a contract and wave goodbye, while charging clients thousands. But I think powerhouse female founders like you deserve more.

Beyond just legal paperwork, you need a legal confidante who truly gets you, equips you with legal know-how, and ensures your dream ventures are safeguarded.

If you’re in search of a legal BFF who cares (and who just happens to have a penchant for pink and sparklers…), you’ve found her!

let's level you up to llc status

Taylor Tomanka, B.S. PR / J.D. / M.B.A.

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All the A’s to your Q’s

No, there is no requirement that the owners of an LLC must actually reside in Texas. You are required to have a Registered Agent with a
physical address in the state of Texas, however, there are plenty of Registered Agent services you can pay to use their physical Texas
address to get around this.

NOTE: The legal guidance and advice provided in this guide was drafted by a Texas licensed attorney and is written using Texas law.

Absolutely! This guide was designed with beginners in mind and uses easy-to-understand language, real life examples, and step-by-step
instructions (including screenshots!) for easy implementation.

While the guide is in-depth on how to form an LLC, it is written so that a normal person, without a legal or business degree, can easy follow along. Even newbies can learn how to form, manage and operate a Texas limited liability company property with ease.

Written by a seasoned business attorney, this DIY LLC formation guide is your all-in-one resource to legally forming and operating a
Texas LLC. More than just templates and another Canva-made resource – this guide equips you with indispensable legal insights, insider tips, and time-saving strategies so you can hit the ground running in your first year of business with the proper legal protections in place.

Complete with simple fill-in-the-blank legal templates, easy-to-follow instructions, and a clear roadmap to success, even beginner business owners are equipped to DIY their Texas LLC with total confidence. You'll be fully prepared and empowered to lead, from solopreneur to CEO. Say goodbye to legal worries and hello to becoming the confident CEO your business deserves.

This guide is completely one-of-a-kind and unlike any other business startup guide on the market. This simplified step-by-step process to starting a Texas business was developed specifically for beginners by a Texas business attorney, making it a straightforward way to ensure all key aspects of business formation are covered.

While consulting a lawyer is always a good idea, this guide is designed to be a user-friendly DIY. Anyone can do this on their own, they just need the right kind of guidance to get them there.

This guide is structured to streamline the process for you, saving you time compared to navigating it on your own, but deadlines and
timeframes are never set in stone when you’re dealing with a government agency. Without any unexpected or undue delays, when done this process can be completed in as little as two (2) weeks. But, keep in mind the timeframe will vary based on how long the Secretary of State’s Office takes to process your formation documents.

Yes, this guide has been updated with the most recent changes in law, including those going into effect later in 2024.

This digital product may not address each and every contract issue or concern that could potentially apply to your business. The information contained in this digital product is provided for information purposes only, is not intended as legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship. Further, you understand that the attorney is licensed in the state of Texas and when this digital product discusses laws and regulations, the laws of Texas are being referenced unless otherwise specified. You are advised to consult legal counsel in your own state should you need guidance on any state-specific legalities.