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Online Legal Services For Female Entrepreneurs

Taking The Scary + Complex And Making Legal Solutions… Simple.

For too long, legalese has prevented online business owners from protecting their best asset: Themselves!  

Tell Me If ANY Of This Sounds Familiar...

  • You’ve been downloading questionable client contract terms from Google (or even worse LegalZoom) — hoping and praying you have your butt covered. 
  • You’ve watched as copycats stole your content (and others!), wondering if you have any recourse. 
  • You’ve been dreaming about scaling your business but get freaked out about the legal necessities of growing a small business.
  • You’re really confused and don’t know where to begin when it comes to legal and are intimidated at the thought of speaking with a lawyer.


As an attorney with more than 8 years of experience navigating the legal system, my top priority is keeping you protected as you pursue legally protecting and scaling your baby business. I’ll untangle complicated jargon so you can make legal decisions from a place of authority

Whether you’re launching a new business, or hiring your 50th employee, or simply wanting a business lawyer who is easy to work with and keeps things simple – I have you covered. 

You won’t find legalese, complicated processes, or sky-high retainers here. 

Just approachable, accessible, inclusive + empowering online legal services, leaving you secure and confident that your small biz is legally legit.

I’ve got this.

In fact, grab a glass of wine and kick back.

Relax (for once).

Not Sure Where To Start?

Approachable Legal Advice  Inclusive & Empowering Experience Accessible Business Guidance
You left the corporate world behind, so why get stuck with a stuffy lawyer in a suit to protect your online business?
I’m all about giving you iron-clad legal advice that’s easy to understand so you can act on starting and scaling your business with confidence.

No previous knowledge of legal mumbo jumbo required! Think of me as your own personal Elle Woods. 
Putting off protecting your business because legal documentation is dizzying?

I get it. But hard things haven’t stopped you before! And they won’t stop you now because you have a partner who truly believes in you and will be cheering for you at every step of your business journey.  
From one online business owner to another, my straightforward 1:1 legal advice is dished out in plain English to help you succeed at every stage of your entrepreneurial journey. 
Tired of second-guessing if your contract has you covered? Or if that deal you signed holds up in court?

Jump online and we can easily video chat and go over your legal concern, without delay.

By bringing accessible legal services to female entrepreneurs, you can pursue your passion confidently without worrying about the icky, boring stuff like legal.

Let me do it instead.

Browse 1:1 Legal Services For Female Entrepreneurs

Ready to get clear on the legal requirements for an online business? 

My straightforward 1:1 legal advice is tailored to help you succeed at every stage of your entrepreneurial journey, whether you’re still wondering how to set up your LLC or you are ready to hire a team of employees. 

1:1 Legal Solutions

Need to get your legal stuff sorted — like, um, yesterday?

1:1 Legal Services are designed to give you solutions during a single 1:1 VIP Day session.

Choose a 1:1 Session that addresses your pressing legal matter from the following stages of legal protection:
1. Business Structure
2. Website, Digital + Social Assets
3. Contracts
4. Employees + HR
5. Intellectual Property Protections
6. Business Succession Planning

Meet Taylor – Your Online
Business Lawyer

Pleasure to meet you! I’m Taylor Tomanka, the go-to lawyer for creatives and online service providers. 

From one online business to another, I understand that doing things like setting up the legal structure of your business isn’t as glamorous as dressing up for a brand shoot or scoring a big win for your client. 

But that’s why I am here! This -ish is my JAM!

I spent my career as an attorney helping women untangle complicated legalese so they could make legal decisions from a place of authority. This simple act led so many of my clients to start their own businesses and side hustles. 

Now, they are a part of the legal conversations that drive their businesses forward. 

My mission is to bring accessible legal services to all female creatives who have ever felt intimidated by contracts, trademarks, employment agreements – and even the attorneys themselves.

I’ll be your partner along the way, dishing out 1:1 legal advice in plain English to help you succeed at every stage of your entrepreneurial journey. 

Just think of me as your BFF with a legal degree + MBA.

From custom contracts to safeguarding your business growth in the long term, I’ll be your go-to attorney for every step of your entrepreneurial journey.