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Female small business owners hire me to legally protect and help scale their passion projects into their full-time gig

How, you ask?

As a small business attorney, I help female creatives by leading them through the 5 Stages of Legal Protection, which allows them to set boundaries with clients, ensure timely product/services payments AND hire, train & manage unruly employees. 

If this sounds great to you (and let’s be honest – it totally does), you can learn more about my 5 Stages of Legal Protection Process, but be sure to come back if you’re new here

5 Stages of Legal Protection
1. Setting Up Business Structure
2. Securing Contracts
3. Employees & HR
4. Protecting Your Business Online 
5. Safeguarding Business Growth

If you’ve watched the video you’re probably thinking, “Okay, great. Now I just know all of the ways I can be screwed legally. What do I do now?!” 

But, don’t worry — I’ve got you. 

Let’s break down how I can help you throughout your entire business journey using the 5 Stages framework and you’ll start to see why you’ll want to keep coming back at each stage of the process. 

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At this initial stage of the process, you’re probably very lost and extremely overwhelmed. Women aren’t taught how to start a business in school or anywhere else, so don’t feel bad, girlfriend. 

Service Setting Up Your Business Structure


  • LLC Entity Structure Set Up With The State
  • Register Your Business For Both State + Federal Taxes
  • Custom Company Agreement To Govern Your Internal Operations
  • Obtaining Any Licenses + Permits You May Need
  • Educational Training On Setting You Up For First Year

Add-Ons Divorce Proofing Your Business


Contracts are one of the most important legal concepts you’ll ever deal with as a small business owner. They control everything in the business world and you shouldn’t have a contract that controls you. It should be tailored to fit your needs. Sometimes you don’t have the opportunity to be the contract writer – that’s when my contract review services comes in handy.

Service Custom Contract or Legal Template


  • Educational Training: Intro To Contracts
  • Review Of Your Existing Policies & Business Needs
  • Custom Contract drafted just for your business
  • Go Over Your Contract & How To Use
  • One Round Of Edits

Service Contract Review Service


  • Educational Training: Intro To Contracts
  • Attorney Review Of Your Business Needs & Concerns
  • Explanation of The Contracts boilerplate terms and, more importantly, the “Bad” Terms
  • Sample Language To Use Instead Of “Bad” Terms
  • Review Of Negotiation Strategies & Tactics

Add-Ons Contract Negotiation Assistance


Hiring your first employee can be…hard. Theres so much to think about — alerting your state’s workforce commission, payroll, tax forms, the list goes on the bigger your business gets. Before you know it, you’ll have built a team and need to build an internal HR department.

Service Hiring Your First Employee


  • Educational Training: 
  • New Hire Qualifications & Forms
  • Employer Responsibilities
  • How To Pay Your Employee
  • Employee Tax Forms
  • 8 Federal Laws Affecting Employers
  • Texas Workforce Commission
  • Legal Documents Provided
  • Employee Application
  • Employee Offer Letter
  • Employee Contract
  • Employee Handbook
  • Employee Evaluation
  • Confidentiality Agreement/NDA

Service Building A Team & HR Department


  • Educational Training:
  • Training Employees 
  • Employee Training Sessions
  • Conflict Resolution & Termination Policies
  • Employee Safety Policies
  • 8 Federal Laws Affecting Employers
  • Diversity & Fairness In The Workplace
  • Managing Employees 
  • Measuring Employee Performance
  • Pay + Benefits
  • Payroll & Employee Files
  • Tips To Be An Effective Supervisor
  • Building a Team
  • Legal Documents Provided:
  • Employee Handbook
  • Employee Retention Policies
  • Employee Evaluation
  • Confidentiality Agreement/NDA
  • Employee Contract

Add-Ons Standard Operating Procedures


Whether you need to protect a simple online ecommerce business, an online course, an online membership or any other online product or service you’ve created – this is the Done-In-A-Day for you! We’ll go through your business’ services and products ell me what you want to protect and we’ll get to work. 

Service Online Shop Setup Or  Other Online 

Product/Service Setup


  • Educational Training: Laws That Apply and How To Advertise Online + On Social Media
  • Custom Privacy Policy
  • Custom Terms & Conditions for your online shop, products or services
  • Disclaimers needed for your products and services

Add-Ons Building An Affiliate Network

Blogging & Sponsorships


You’ve got big plans for your small business. It may have taken a few hard-fought years of hustle and flow, but you’ve arrived at full CEO status. When your business is becoming your legacy, protect it with iron-clad legal documents drafted by a lawyer who will tell you how it is. 

Service Copyright + Trademark Services

Includes Obtaining a Copyright or Trademark 

Service Hiring Your Kids

Includes Learn How To Hire Your Children

Service Franchising Your Business

Includes Learn How To Franchise