Setting Up A Business Structure


All this legal stuff can all be so dizzying. And when something pops up, you need it resolved, like, um, yesterday! 

You’ve got better things to do than spend your time on legal stuff, like ensuring your business is running smoothly and innovating for the future. 

You need a lawyer who can help you move forward, not a high-priced attorney who’ll bog you down with nonsensical legalese. 

And you are in the right place! 

Taylor The Attorney is an experienced lawyer for creatives — here to make sense of the legal issues that pop up so you can focus on what matters most: growing your brand with confidence. 

Done-In-A-Day Legal Services are designed to give you solutions during a single 1:1 VIP session. 


You’ve already bossed up by making the hard choices every business owner needs to consider — What’s your niche? How will you get customers? Does sky blue or pale blush work better for a logo? 

Then you’re left to ponder the less glamorous legal matters. You know, the ones you’re constantly pushing down on your never-ending to-do list. 

Essential questions, like — How do I form an LLC? What do I need to file taxes anyway? Do I need a Sales + Use Permit? What even IS a Sales + Use Permit?!

Quit asking these questions once and for all. In an afternoon, we’ll cover everything you need to operate without getting penalized by Uncle Sam. 

P-H-E-W. That’s the way I spell relief. 

What’s Included

  • LLC Entity Structure Set Up With The State
  • Register Your Business For Both State + Federal Taxes
  • Custom Company Agreement To Govern Your Internal Operations
  • Obtaining Any Licenses + Permits You May Need
  • Educational Training On Setting You Up For First Year


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