25 Sample Contract Clauses


Guides & Roadmaps are easy to understand digital ebooks that break down all sorts of complex business + legal concepts into easy to use instructions, timelines and next steps. 

These twenty-five (25) sample contract clauses are common clauses that every small business owner needs to know about and have in their business contracts.


This is for female entrepreneurs who want to add some legalese to their own contracts and make sure they’re covered. 

The term boilerplate refers to standardized copy that may be used over again without making major changes to the original

These terms usually come at the end of a contract and are standard clauses in most contracts. 

25 Boilerplate Contract Clauses is full of the most common boilerplate terms used in business contracts out there today.

These 25 sample contract clauses are common clauses that every content creator needs to know about and have in their business contracts, including:

  1. Mediation + Arbitration
  2. Governing Law
  3. Venue
  4. Late Payment Fees & Penalties
  5. Confidentiality Clause
  6. Attorney’s Fees
  7. Exclusivity Clause
  8. Intellectual Property Notice
  9. Time Is Of The Essence Clause
  10. Communication
  11. Cancellation
  12. Limit Of Liability
  13. Indemnification & Release
  14. Force Majeure
  15. Waiver
  16. Article Headings
  17. Severability
  18. Modification By Agreement
  19. Sole & Only Agreement
  20. Assignments
  21. Counterparts
  22. Method of Payment
  23. Suspension of Work
  24. Notices
  25. Binding Effect


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