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Get Legally Protected In 30 Minutes Or Less With These Easy To Use, Fill In The Blank Legal Templates!

Imagine this, you just booked your first client, or maybe you’re finally ready to hire your first employee — either way, you want to look like a real, professional business AND protect your asse(t)s along the way.

You need a legal template and fast!

Luckily, you found the DIY Legal Template Bar, the place to download digital legal templates you can implement into your own small business to legally protect it. 

Simply download your chosen legal template, fill in a few specific details about your business – BOOM – and your template is ready to use. 

If you’re not quite ready to work with an attorney and need legal protection like… yesterday, the DIY Legal Template Bar is the perfect solution for you.

Heck, you can even do it with a glass of vino in hand on your couch at home.

Do-It-Yourself Legal Template Protection


Those that want to do things on their own…at least for now. Those that aren’t ready for the investment that comes with a customized legal experience but Still need legal protection for their Own a small business. 


Download, fill out and implement legal templates, all in an hour!

Completely DIY – Never speak with an attorney!
An Instant, quick fix



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Instructions On How To Fill Out Your Legal Template

eBook On How To Use Your Legal Template

DIY Legal Template Bar

About The Attorney

Hi! My name is Taylor + I’m a small business attorney (J.D./MBA).

I currently run a family law firm with my husband in Round Rock, Texas, as well as Taylor the Attorney, an online legal platform designed for female, creative entrepreneurs who want to pursue their passion project full time and quit their 9-5.

Curious about how this meshes?


Are the DIY Bar legal templates ready to use?

Yes and no. Yes, they are pre-made to generally help any small business, but there are a few spots that will require you to input your own Company’s information. Then, viola! Your legal template is ready to implement and use. 

How do I fill out the legal template? 

The legal templates are very simple to fill out. Anytime you see the symbol “[“ or “]” that indicates you need to fill in the blank. 

For example, if the document reads, “This Company Agreement of [NAME OF COMPANY] is executed…” the “[NAME OF THE COMPANY]” portion should be replaced by your Company’s name. It’s as simple as that!

PRO TIP: You can do this throughout the document, rather than individually, by using ‘Find’ & ‘Replace.’ 

How do I implement the legal template into my own business?

You’ll be provided with instructions within the drive you are sent after purchase. These will tell you step by step how to implement the legal template into your very own small business.

Will this template work for my business?

These templates are all pre-made with a general creative small business in mind, unless otherwise specified; however, that doesn’t mean they don’t pack a legal punch! Drafted with the female creative entrepreneur in mind, these legal templates should legally cover you in most situations. 

If I don’t live in Texas, does this template work?

Yes and no. No, it does not contain any out of state specific provisions and you should contact an attorney in your state should you need state specific advice. With that being said, these templates are made to cover you in most situations and are extremely inclusive. Further, some of the legal templates, such as the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, are governed mostly by federal law of which I am allowed to provide legal assistance.