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Feeling a bit lost, but know in your gut that you can figure it out on your own if you just had a little guidance?

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The Guides & Roadmaps below break down complex legal topics into easy to digest instructions, timelines, roadmaps and next steps. 

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Those that have a specific issue or concern within their business that needs taking care of, in a fairly quick manner.

You don’t have the need for an attorney to help you with multiple issues, like what the Done-In-A-Day service provides, and probably like doing things themselves anyway. 
Provides an easy to understand description and framework of a hard to comprehend legal and/or business topic

Provides insight needed to reach goals and solve business problems

More cost effective than scheduling a one-on-one with the attorney

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Guides & Roadmaps

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Taylor is amazing! I’ve never had an attorney explain legal matters as thoroughly and efficiently, and that was just the consultation. Starting a business from scratch was daunting and a tad frightening until speaking with Taylor. I cannot recommend her services enough! 

Jessica McLaughlin

About The Attorney

Hi! My name is Taylor + I’m a small business attorney (J.D./MBA).

I currently run a family law firm with my husband in Round Rock, Texas, as well as Taylor the Attorney, an online legal platform designed for female, creative entrepreneurs who want to pursue their passion project full time and quit their 9-5.

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