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Here, on the Frequently Asked Questions page, you’ll find answers to the most commonly asked questions that I receive. I hope you find these Q+As helpful, but if your question isn’t here feel free to DM me on Instagram (@TaylortheAttorney) or shoot me an email (hello@taylortheattorney.com) and I’d be happy to answer your specific inquiry.

You can read more about me on my About Page.


Who Do You Help?

I love working with creatives and because of that I focus on helping female creative entrepreneurs with their small businesses legal needs. This includes: interior decorators, the wedding industry, the beauty industry, bloggers/influencers, photographers, event companies — pretty much anyone who creates something out of nothing. 

Specifically, I specialize in managing and scaling small businesses within the first five (5) years as those are the most crucial years in a small businesses lifetime. Focusing on the formative years, this allows me to help you legally protect and scale your passion project or side gig into your full time job so you can quit that 9-5 J.O.B., like – yesterday.

Do You Help ONLY Female Creatives?

Nope! I’ll help any small business owner, no matter their gender or field/industry. I chose to specialize in female creatives since it’s where I have most of my expertise, passion & experience, but I am fully capable of representing all types of small businesses. 

In fact, I’ve represented news stations, daycare centers, registered dieticians, pharmacy groups, family ranches, banks, spas, chiropractors, yoga studios, consulting firms and more!


What Are Your Legal & Business Credentials?

I earned my B.S. in Public Relations with a business minor at the University of Texas at Austin and my Juris Doctorate (legal degree) and Masters in Business Administration from Texas Tech University.

I’m licensed to practice law in the State of Texas and further licensed in the Northern District of Texas Court of Appeals. I’ve been an attorney for almost 8 years now, dealing with all sorts of legal issues and problems. For most of my career, I practiced family, probate and estate law. This has given me the opportunity to help form, manage + scale family businesses, business secession planning and helping families plan for their futures (and their children’s).

I’ve also been a small business owner for over four years now and have gone through ups and downs, seasonal profits and new business struggles myself. On top of owning my own business, I also have substantial experience in leading women, organizational management and nonprofit operations + funding, having served as the President of two nationally-affiliated nonprofits and have held multiple Board positions within my local chapter of Junior League, Mental Health America + Community Foundation.

What experience do you have working with creative-based businesses?

I ran my own fashion + home style blog & social media account for two+ years and it ended up giving me the idea for Taylor the Attorney. After I started connecting with other bloggers/influencers, I realized how prominent an issue it was for brands to take advantage of these women and some even had the balls to steal their content!

I have personal experience in negotiating my own brand contracts, influencer agreements, affiliate platform deals and sponsorships – pretty much anything involving blogging + posting on social media for money. I also had the opportunity to to learned about and work with graphic designers, photographers, video editors, virtual assistants, web designers, copyrighters, etc.

In the past, I had represented news stations, daycare centers, registered dietitians, pharmacy groups, family ranches, banks, spas, chiropractors, yoga studios, consulting firms, etc. But, with my newly found creative confidence, I started to branch out into helping other creative-based businesses. Since then, I have helped so many different types of small businesses, including butchery + cooking classes, scavenger hunt companies, marquee (giant letter) rentals, florists, event planners, interior designers, travel influencers + Youtubers and more!

If you create it, I can help you protect it. 


What Are Your Services?

The services and products that I currently offer are:

How Can I Work With Taylor One-on-One?

Taylor only works one-on-one with Clients via her Done-In-A-Day Services and legal subscription services

What is a 1:1 like?

A one-on-one consists of online video meetings (or in-person if you live near the Austin, TX area) and the agenda and length will depend on whether you’re doing a Done-In-A-Day or you’re a legal subscriber.

Done-In-A-Day Clients have access to the attorney 1:1 during their half and full day session. The legal subscription service gives Clients consistent, monthly access to the attorney, providing you with both group sessions and 1:1s, depending on your subscription level. 

What Package/Service Is Right For Me?

I’ve intentionally created a spectrum of products + services for female entrepreneurs to help them with their business journey — no matter what stage they’re at.

  • Done-In-A-Day Services are best for those wanting to fix their legal problem quickly (most issues solved in just 24 hours!);
  • The Legal Subscription Service is best for those that need ongoing legal + business guidance, not just one time legal assistance;
  • Instructional Seminars are best for those who want to learn on their own and at their own pace – great for those who are not quite ready to work with the attorney just yet;
  • Guides & Roadmaps are best for those needing guidance on a variety of legal and business topics that aren’t offered as products or services;
  • Quarterly Workshops are best for those that learn well in a group environment and want their legal questions answered; and   
  • The DIY Legal Template Bar is best for someone needing a quick fix, fast; packed with digital legal templates, available for download 24/7.

I Don’t See What I Need Here, Can I Request Something?

Absolutely! Just email me at hello@TaylortheAttorney.com and we’ll work something out. 

Will you review contracts for me?

Yes! Absolutely! I love helping business owners review contracts before they sign them so that they understand exactly what they’re getting themselves into. Along these same lines, I also do custom contract work for businesses and can teach business owners how a lawyer handles contract negotiations so you can always come out on top!

What software do your legal templates work with?

I’m a simple person when it comes to technology – I provide all templates as Microsoft Word.doc and Adobe PDFs. Nothing fancy here, folks. 

I’m overwhelmed by all of the options, which one is right for me?

If you can’t decide what Service is right for you, don’t be dismayed! Simply schedule a Discovery Call with Taylor and she’ll walk you through all of her services. Together, I know we can find the right legal solution for your business!

Will the legal templates work within my state?

Taylor is only licensed in the state of Texas. But, all 40+ of the legal templates available in the DIY Legal Template Bar are drafted with small businesses in mind – no matter where you live, so most, if not all of the provisions should be valid and applicable in your state. However, if you need state-specific advice, I advise you to contact a lawyer min your own state, if you do not reside in Texas.

A custom contract is always ideal, but I understand that, for various reasons, getting a personalized and professionally drafted contract isn’t always an option. That’s when the DIY Bar really shines. If you need legal protection, these templates are a much better solution than having no legal protection at all. You can always upgrade to a custom contract when you’re ready.

What Legal Templates Do You Offer?

I offer over 40 digital legal templates ready for download in the following categories:

  • Business Formation/Start Up
  • Contracts & Releases
  • Employees
  • Website Legal Compliance

Am I A Client if I purchase a product or service from Taylor the Attorney? 

No, Taylor the Attorney is not a law firm or your lawyer, it is merely an educational legal platform, meant to be the first step in your legal journey. All of our Services are created, drafted and reviewed entirely by a Texas attorney as are the templates available in our DIY Legal Template Bar. You should always use an attorney in your own state to review your legal templates and for state-specific advice. Taylor is only licensed in the state of Texas. 

See our Terms + Conditions Page for more information.

What’s Your Refund Policy?

See my Terms & Conditions page for policies on refunds.  

How are your Done-In-A-Services Delivered and Scheduled?

A Calendly link, an agenda and email confirmation will be sent to you as soon as you register for the Done-In-A-Day you’ve chosen. From there, everything else will be shared via email unless specified by the attorney otherwise. 

How Big Of An Investment Is Required? 

The investment required for all of my products & services are listed on the main pages for those said products & services.

As a small business owner myself, I know your time (and mine) are worth money. I’m transparent with pricing so that no one’s time is wasted. No requirement for a discovery call if you don’t want one. Book straight away from the site and get started on your legal journey immediately!

For individual product and service questions, head to that specific product or service page: