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Done-In-A-Day Sessions

Life-Changing Online Legal Services For Your Small Business

Legal Concerns Demystified In An Afternoon

All this legal stuff can all be so dizzying. And when something pops up, you need it resolved, like, um, yesterday! 

You’ve got better things to do than spend your time on legal stuff, like ensuring your business is running smoothly and innovating for the future. 

You need a lawyer who can help you move forward, not a high-priced attorney who’ll bog you down with nonsensical legalese. 

And you’re in the right place! 

Taylor The Attorney is an experienced lawyer for creatives — here to make sense of the legal issues that pop up so you can focus on what matters most: growing your brand with confidence. 

Done-In-A-Day Legal Services are designed to give you solutions during a single VIP session.

You’ve already bossed up by making the hard choices every business owner needs to consider — What’s your niche? How will you get customers? Does sky blue or pale blush work better for a logo? 

Then you’re left to ponder the less glamorous legal matters. You know, the ones you’re constantly pushing down on your never-ending to-do list. 

Essential questions, like — How do I form an LLC? What do I need to file taxes anyway? Do I need a Sales + Use Permit? What even IS a Sales + Use Permit?!

Quit asking these questions once and for all. In an afternoon, we’ll cover everything you need to operate without getting penalized by Uncle Sam. 

P-H-E-W. That’s the way I spell relief. 

Business Structure Set Up Session Includes:

  • LLC Entity Structure Set Up With The State
  • Register Your Business For Both State + Federal Taxes
  • Custom Company Agreement To Govern Your Internal Operations
  • Obtaining Any Licenses + Permits You May Need
  • Educational Training On Setting You Up For First Year

Divorce Proofing Your Business Session Includes:

  • Go Over Your Business & Discuss The Process 
  • Legal Documents & How To Implement Them
    • Legal Documents Included:
      • Waiver of Disclosure of Financial Information
      • Partition or Exchange Agreement
      • Amendment To Company Agreement to include buysell provisions and the partition or exchange agreement.

Are you ready to take the next leap in your business? Perhaps, it’s launching an online boutique? Hosting a client-attracting webinar? Or, maybe, you’re ready to try your hand at affiliate marketing? 

From establishing privacy policies to learning the ins and outs of advertising on social media (in the eyes of the law), and outlining terms and conditions for your online shop, products, or services  — navigating the legal necessities of running an online business can be soul-draining. 

During our Done in a Day Protecting Online Business session, you won’t have to waste a drop of energy on the legalese.  I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about safeguarding your growth as you pilot your business to new heights.  

Protecting Your Online Presence Session Includes:

  • Set Up Online Protection
    • Educational Training On The Laws That Apply and How To Advertise Online + On Social Media
  • Legal Documents & How To Implement Them
    • Legal Documents Included:
      • Custom Privacy Policy
      • Custom Terms & Conditions for your online shop, products, or services
      • Disclaimers needed for your products and services

Building An Affiliate Network Session Includes:

  • Interactive Training:
    • Affiliates vs. Ambassadors vs. Sponsorships vs. Gifted
    • How To Structure Your Affiliate Network
    • Things To Look Out For
    • Things To Include
  • Going Over Your Business’ Assets, Liabilities + Legal Needs
  • Legal Documents & How To Implement Them
    • Legal Documents Included:
      • Brand Sponsorship Contract
      • Affiliate Network’s Terms & Conditions
      • Licensing Agreement

Sponsorships & Blogging Session Includes:

Interactive Training:

  • Blogging
    • How To Monetize Your Blog
    • Affiliate Platforms & How To Get On Them
    • Legally Monetizing Your Blog
    • Optimizing Your Blog Posts
    • How To Write With Sales In Mind
  • Sponsorships
    • Pitching To Brands Primer
    • Affiliates vs. Ambassadors vs. Sponsorships
    • What Is Pitching?
    • How To Do Pitch Research
    • How To Find The Right Person To Pitch
    • What To Know About Licensing Rights
    • Tips & Tricks and Do’s & Don’ts
    • What To Expect 
    • How To Cold Pitch Brands
      • Audit Your Most Recent Pitch
      • Examples, Tips & Tricks and Do’s & Don’ts
    • How To Respond To A Brand Pitch
      • Audit Your Most Recent Pitch Response
      • Examples, Tips & Tricks and Do’s & Don’ts
  • How To Implement Legal Documents
    • Documents Included:
      • Brand Sponsorship Contract 
      • Licensing Agreement
      • Disclaimers For Blog’s Terms & Conditions Pag

Say goodbye to contract confusion faster than you can say habeas corpus. 

Long contracts can be a snooze. But you can’t afford to let your business drown in a sea of legalese. 

Whether you create or sign them, poorly-written contracts can drag you in over your head once the deal is inked. 

I’ll demystify the confusing, boring, and plain ol’ jargony pile of words that make up a legal agreement so you don’t hold the short side of the stick.

Custom Contract Preparation

Copy/pasting contracts from the web is a sure fire way to get into legal hot water. For starters, boilerplate templates fail to take into account the way you want to run your business! 

Custom contract preparation ensures your legal documents protect your greatest asset: YOU! 

This Session Includes:

  • Educational Training: Intro To Contracts
  • Review Of Your Existing Policies
  • Discussion On Business’ Legal Needs
  • How To Implement Documents
    • Documents Included:
      • Custom Contract
      • One Round Of Edits

Contract Review Session

The biggest mistake I see business owners make is signing contracts they don’t understand. They can go from riding the high of inking a deal to full-on heart palpitations in a blink of an eye once they realize the fine print they just committed to upholding. 

Go into your negotiations empowered by having a licensed attorney review your contracts. 

What’s Included

  • Interactive Training:
    • Intro To Contracts
  • Attorney Review Of Your Business Needs & Concerns
  • Explanation of The Contracts boilerplate terms and, more importantly, the “Bad” Terms
  • How To Implement Documents
    • Documents Included:
      • Sample Language To Use Instead Of “Bad” Terms

Negotiation Strategies & Tactics Session Includes

  • Going Over The Deal + Your Legal Needs
  • Interactive Training:
    • Negotiation Strategies & Tactics
    • Developing Your Negotiation Strategy
  • How To Implement Documents
    • Documents Included:
      • Written Negotiation Strategy For Your Business
      • Sample Contract Language To Use To Better Your Position + Limit Your Liability (as applicable)

Scaling your business is a time for celebration. So don’t let unaddressed legal stuff send you into a late-night panic. 

Whether you are hiring your very first employee or your 100th, having custom legal documents not only conveys your professional prowess but also protects your business from soul-crushing liabilities. 

The Done-In-A-Day Managing Employees + HR session is ideal for expanding companies who want to get ahead of the legal stuff that comes with scaling. 

Hey, you can even outsource this session as comprehensive training for your human resources chief. You’re busy growing, after all. 

Hiring Your First Employee Session

You’ve really hit your stride! You’ve been doing a bit of everything in order to keep up with demand, but now you’re ready for a hand. Congrats! It’s time to make your first hire! 

You already know that additional staff means a whole new string of legal obligations, liabilities, and, of course, paperwork. 

Kiss that sinking feeling in your stomach goodbye! 

Together we’ll handle all the legal necessities to onboard your new employee with ease, so you can get back to being the visionary.

What’s Included

  • Educational Training:
    • New Hire Qualifications & Forms
    • Employer Responsibilities
    • How To Pay Your Employee
    • Employee Tax Forms
    • 8 Federal Laws Affecting Employers
    • Texas Workforce Commission
  • How To Implement Documents
    • Documents Included:
      • Employee Application
      • Employee Offer Letter
      • Employee Contract
      • Employee Handbook
      • Employee Evaluation
      • Confidentiality Agreement/NDA

Building A Team & An HR Dep’t Session

Regardless if you’re hiring a team or an HR professional to help you with your team, when your business reaches this level of success, legally protecting your business’s day-to-day operations is critical. 

We’ll make it easy — dare, I say enjoyable — to ensure your business is running exactly how you envisioned it, right down to the employee handbook. 

What’s Included

  • Educational Training:
    • Employee Training Sessions
    • Conflict Resolution & Termination Policies
    • Employee Safety Policies
    • 8 Federal Laws Affecting Employers
    • Diversity & Fairness In The Workplace
  • Managing Employees:
    • Measuring Employee Performance
    • Pay + Benefits
    • Payroll & Employee Files
    • Tips To Be An Effective Supervisor
    • Building a Team
  • How To Implement Documents
    • Documents Included:
      • Employee Handbook
      • Employee Retention Policies
      • Employee Evaluation
      • Confidentiality Agreement/NDA
      • Employee Contract

Standard Operating Procedures Session Includes:

  • Going Over Your Business’ Assets, Liabilities + Legal Needs
  • How To Implement Documents
    • Documents Included:
      • Standard Operating Procedures

You’ve got big plans for your small business. It may have taken a few hard-fought years of hustle and flow, but you’ve arrived at full CEO status. 

Perhaps you’re daydreaming about establishing a franchise? (Hello, passive income!) Or perhaps, your 16-year-old’s first job could be by your side in the home office? 

When your business is becoming your legacy, protect it with iron-clad legal documents drafted by a lawyer who will tell you how it is. 

The Done-In-A-Day Safeguarding Business Growth session will walk you through everything you need to know about protecting a business that will last generations. 

  • Completing a copyright/trademark search on the potential mark
  • Researching types of classes to potentially file under
  • Filling out and submitting the Application to the USPTO
  • Making up to three (3) amendments to Application potential upon rejection 
  • Obtaining the copyright/trademark from the USPTO
  • Legal Templates Provided:
    • Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreement for Employees;
    • Non-Compete + Non-Solicitation Clause for Employees; & 
    • Copyright/Trademark Notice Provisions For Your Website’s Terms & Conditions Page


Hiring Your Kids Session Includes:

  • Interactive Training:
    • Complying With Child Labor + Employment Laws
    • How To Hire Your Child
    • How To Manage Your Child’s Role 
    • How To Pay Your Child
    • Possible Tax Savings
  • Documents & How To Implement Them
    • Legal Documents Included:
      • HR Handbook 
      • Employee Contract

Franchising Your Business Session Includes:

  • Interactive Training:
    • How To Know If You’re Ready To Franchise
    • What To Do In Preparation
      • operating manuals, staffing, training programs, and marketing initiatives
    • Finding Franchising Funding
    • Franchising Advisor’s Role
    • Franchising Legal Requirements 
    • Franchising Lawyer’s Role
  • Going Over Your Business’ Assets, Liabilities + Legal Needs
  • Documents & How To Implement Them
    • Legal Documents Included:
      • Memorandum Of Understanding Draft