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1:1 Online Legal Solutions

Life-Changing 1:1 Online Legal Solutions For Your Small Business

Have Your Legal Concerns Demystified In A Single Afternoon

All this legal stuff can all be so dizzying. And when something pops up, you need it resolved, like, um, yesterday! 

You’ve got better things to do than spend your time on legal stuff, like ensuring your business is running smoothly and innovating for the future. 

You need a lawyer who can help you move forward, not a high-priced attorney who’ll bog you down with nonsensical legalese. 

And you’re in the right place! 

Taylor The Attorney is an experienced lawyer for creatives, servicepreneurs, freelancers + coaches/consultants — here to make sense of the legal issues that pop up so you can focus on what matters most: growing your brand with confidence. 

1:1 Online Services are designed to give you legal solutions during a single VIP Session.

The VIP Day Process:

I like to knock things out in a single day. 

Sounds crazy, right?

Rest assured, my prep game is strong. 

This allows me to provide you with top notch, done-for-you legal services while also using a flat fee structure, which is a lot easier on your pocket than a giant retainer fee. It also helps me solve your legal concerns in less than 12 hours, so you can meet deadlines and finally start making big money moves.

I’ve broken down our day together into six sections:

  1. Pre-Session: You’ll be expected to fill out a lengthy Client Questionnaire, which is designed to help me tailor your legal documents and solutions specifically to your business’ needs. This is due 48 hours ahead of our session start time to allow me time to start prepping for our day and begin drafting your legal documents.  
  1. Clarification Session: Starting at 10 a.m., this Session is the time for us to chat further about the specifics of your legal issues and needs so that during the break, I can customize your new legal documents, drafted specifically for your business. 
  1. Educational Session: Right after we clarify your needs and answer any lingering questions, we’ll jump into the educational portion of our day. During this time, Taylor will educate you on basic (but important) legal concepts that affect your business both now and in the future. This session will be based on one of the following 6 Stages of Legal Protection, depending on which legal service you invested in:
    1. Business Structure;
    2. Website, Digital & Social Asset Protection;
    3. Employees & HR;
    4. Intellectual Property Protections; and 
    5. Business Succession (Retirement)  Planning 
  1. *BREAK*
  1. Implementation Session: Mid Afternoon, we’ll jump back on Zoom and go over any questions you have, any edits that need to be made and then I’ll tell you exactly how to execute your new legal documents() so implementation is seamless!
  1. Post-Session: After our day together, you have a 7-day access pass to a legal expert (me!) for follow-up questions, implementation clarification, whatever you need. In addition, the following will be emailed to you within 24 hours of our 1:1 service.
    1. Recording of all sessions that day;
    2. Word versions of your legal documents; and
    3. Written step-by-step instructions on how to implement your new legal documents or other legal tasks that still need to be accomplished.

1:1 Legal Solutions

Using The 6 Stages

Of Legal Protection

For Creative & Service-Based Businesses

1. Business Structure

You’ve already bossed up by making the hard choices every business owner needs to consider — What’s your niche? How will you get customers? Does sky blue or pale blush work better for a logo? 

Then you’re left to ponder the less glamorous legal matters. You know, the ones you’re constantly pushing down on your never-ending to-do list. 

Essential questions, like — How do I form an LLC? What do I need to file taxes anyway? Do I need a Sales + Use Permit? What even IS a Sales + Use Permit?!

Quit asking these questions once and for all. In an afternoon, we’ll cover everything you need to operate without getting penalized by Uncle Sam. 

P-H-E-W. That’s the way I spell relief. 

2. Website, Digital & Social Asset Protection

Are you ready to take the next leap in your business? Perhaps, it’s launching an online boutique? Hosting a client-attracting webinar? Or, maybe, you’re ready to try your hand at affiliate marketing? 

From establishing privacy policies to learning the ins and outs of advertising on social media (in the eyes of the law), and outlining terms and conditions for your online shop, products, or services  — navigating the legal necessities of running an online business can be soul-draining. 

During our Done in a Day Protecting Online Business session, you won’t have to waste a drop of energy on the legalese.  I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about safeguarding your growth as you pilot your business to new heights.  

3. Contracts

Say goodbye to contract confusion faster than you can say habeas corpus. 

Long contracts can be a snooze. But you can’t afford to let your business drown in a sea of legalese. 

Whether you create or sign them, poorly-written contracts can drag you in over your head once the deal is inked. 

I’ll demystify the confusing, boring, and plain ol’ jargony pile of words that make up a legal agreement so you don’t hold the short side of the stick.

4. Employees & HR

Scaling your business is a time for celebration. So don’t let unaddressed legal stuff send you into a late-night panic. 

Whether you are hiring your very first employee or your 100th, having custom legal documents not only conveys your professional prowess but also protects your business from soul-crushing liabilities. 

The Done-In-A-Day Managing Employees + HR session is ideal for expanding companies who want to get ahead of the legal stuff that comes with scaling. 

Hey, you can even outsource this session as comprehensive training for your human resources chief. You’re busy growing, after all. 

5. Intellectual Property Protections

“But my business is too small to steal from?!

— Famous last words from too many business owners who put their blood, sweat, and tears into creating community-building content only to have it swiped by a direct competitor. 

In today’s digital economy, content is currency. So don’t let an imposter stick their hand in your cookie jar. 

Protecting your intellectual property — aka your social media posts, the groundbreaking ideas you share in a webinar, your unique results-driven coaching processes — is a must for an online business owner. 

During our 1:1 online session, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about safeguarding your proprietary information so you can be confident that thieves aren’t compromising your you-ness.

6. Business Succession (Retirement) Planning

You’ve got big plans for your small business. It may have taken a few hard-fought years of hustle and flow, but you’ve arrived at full CEO status. This session will walk you through everything you need to know about protecting a business that will last generations. 

Perhaps you’re daydreaming about franchising your business? (Hello, passive income!) Or perhaps, your 16-year-old’s first job could be by your side in the home office? 

The success of both of these things rests upon your ability to plan for the future. And when your business is quickly becoming your legacy, you need to protect it with iron-clad legal documents drafted by a lawyer who knows the drill. 

This 1:1 Session will help you prepare for retirement by mapping out who will be taking over, what the succession process looks like and what needs to be completed in preparation.