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Hi, y’all, I’m Taylor the founder of Taylor the Attorney!

Taylor the Attorney is an online legal services platform that helps female creatives legally protect + scale their side gig, so that they can quit their 9-5, and pursue their passion full time.

You may have noticed that I’m not your average attorney…

I’m a high-energy, team-oriented online small biz attorney who loves helping other women pursue, protect and scale their passion projects and side gigs into a full time job so that they can quit their 9-5.

I love working with creatives and because of that I focus on helping female creative entrepreneurs with their small businesses legal needs. This includes: interior decorators, the wedding industry, the beauty industry, bloggers/influencers, photographers, event companies — pretty much anyone who creates something out of nothing. 

I focus on managing and scaling small businesses within the first five (5) years as those are the most crucial years in a small businesses lifetime. Focusing on the formative years, this allows me to help you legally protect and scale your passion project or side gig into your full time job so you can quit that 9-5 J.O.B., like – yesterday.

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My Story.

Since 2014, my law practice has focused around the family unit, practicing family & probate law as well as providing estate planning services. My practice has given me the opportunity to work with and help a lot of women in particular during some of the worst moments in their lives. But, after 7+ years the emotional toll and labor I’ve seen on women especially was getting to be too much. 

In my practice, I did a LOT of divorces and child custody cases. I saw a LOT of moms struggle to make enough money to feed their kids every day and keep clothes on their backs. Many of them had several jobs and side hustles to make ends meet. They certainly did not have the resources to hire a business attorney to help them set up, protect and scale their side gig into a livable income for their family. 


Degrees: PR / J.D. / M.B.A.

7+ Years as Texas Attorney 

4+ Years as Small Business Owner 

4 Consecutive Years As Texas Super Lawyers, Rising Star Recipient

3 as President of two (2) nationally-affiliated nonprofits

I knew I could help women quit their 9-5, J.O.B. to pursue their passion project full time without talking down to them, without having them fork over a huge upfront retainer and without the old, antiquated way of legal thinking that wasn’t benefiting them. 

I wanted to build something that empowered and built women up, rather than tore them down because when you empower one woman to make her own money, you don’t only empower the individual woman. She ends up empowering and improving the lives of her family, her community, her business and industry and ultimately, the world.

Lessons Learned.

I used the following (5) key takeaways from my almost 8 years as an attorney in creating Taylor the Attorney:

1.  Issue: Approachability & Lack Of Actionable Advice; Normal, everyday people don’t understand what legal pitfalls to expect, legalese or legal jargon and this can intimidate them and even scare them away from the legal process altogether. 

TAKEAWAY: Small business owners just want to be spoken to where they’re at, not spoken down to. The legal process needs to be broken down, brick by brick, using informal language so that they fully comprehend their legal options and the legal implications of their actions. 

2. Issue: Approachability; People are either terrified of speaking to an attorney or they distrust attorneys altogether, no matter how beneficial legal assistance may be for them.  

TAKEAWAY: Small business owners need to be spoken to in a friendly and approachable manner. They also need to feel like they are being heard and listened to, to build trust and understanding. 

3. Issue: Accessibility; The average traditional law firm model does not meet small business owners where they’re at in the business process (or frankly, in the wallet). 

TAKEAWAY: Legal solutions should be tailored to the client’s individual needs and full representation isn’t always it. Smaller, “one off” projects (these are called VIP Days over here) are requested more often and the typical formal structure of representation isn’t always necessary.

4.  Issue: Accessibility; Not everyone that needs legal help can actually access it. 

TAKEAWAY: Build a practice online where small business owners can have access to the attorney online and legal education & support online 24/7, 365.

5. Issue: Lack Of Actionable Advice. There’s a LOT of wrong answers out there and vague, general “legal assistance” (I’m looking at you LegalZoom), but without clear steps to take and a timeline to adhere to, people get really lost in the legal process. 

TAKEAWAY: Provide actionable + specific legal advice that client’s can immediately  act on to improve their legal situation and their business overall.  

This is why I make my legal advice, support, educational trainings, services + products three (5) things: Accessible, Actionable, Approachable, Empowering & Inclusive.

Working With Me.

I’ve never really been one to follow the rules and I don’t believe that anyone should do something just because that’s “how it’s always been done.” I took this into account in creating Taylor the Attorney, and in doing so created an online legal platform designed to help female creative entrepreneurs legally protect and scale their business so that they can quit their 9-5, J.O.B. to pursue their passion project. 

I don’t think that speaking in “legalese,” using legal jargon, or in a condescending tone helps clients understand legal implications and processes and, ultimately, that’s my goal. My approach to communicating with clients is to speak with you in a much less formal manner than your average attorney – more like a friend (a friend with both a J.D. and an M.B.A., but still – a friend!). 

All communications, self-study courses, VIP Days, workshops & trainings are done online. Meaning that you can legally protect and scale your business without ever leaving the house or wasting any time in traffic. 

I intentionally created my products and services on a spectrum – on one hand, you can access legal templates 24/7 in the DIY Legal Template Bar for a do-it-yourself experience and on the other, you can fully outsource legal tasks to Taylor the Attorney utilizing our VIP Days and our monthly legal subscription (and so much more in between).

Solving Your Problems.

My life motto is that you can never be overeducated (or overdressed, imo) and that’s where I urge new clients to begin.

Next, I like to jump on a quick Discovery Call with new clients to go over their business, it’s needs & explain how we can best work together using one of my legal process outsourcing, products or services:

Overview Of Services

  1. Guides & Roadmaps: Easy to understand guides and eBooks that break down all sorts of complex legal and business topics into easy to use instructions, timelines and next steps. 

  2. Instructional Videos: These self-study seminars (educational live audio/video materials)  are meant to help small business owners learn more about different legal and business topics they’re interested in – all on their own and at their own pace! Join us live and in person for each new seminar, or catch the replay later in the online classroom. 

  3. Workshops: Workshops are quarterly LIVE small group instructional videos that focus on business law updates & topics from client feedback. Members may ask questions prior to the workshops to have them answered during the live workshop. 

  4. DIY Legal Template Bar: The DIY Legal Template Bar is your self-serve, do-it-yourself legal template option! It allows you to simply download and plug-in requisite company details and viola! Instant legal documents and clauses you can copy and paste into your website or contracts — all without ever having to speak to an attorney.

  5. Monthly Legal Subscription: Our monthly Legal Subscription Service is 24/7 unlimited access to the entirety of Taylor’s small business arsenal PLUS opportunities to work with Taylor 1:1 and in group settings each month. Includes 40+ Legal Templates from the DIY Bar, quarterly Legal Workshops, two (2) new Self-Study Educational Courses published each month, all our Guides, Road Maps and eBooks, Monthly Q&A Sessions —  AND SO MUCH MORE. 

  6. Done-In-A-Day Services: Done-In-A-Day services are your chance to work with Taylor 1:1 (one-on-one) and fully outsource a variety of legal tasks. The best part about these Days are that they last between 3-8 hours (half-day and full day options), meaning that your legal problem will be solved in just one day.

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Kristen Johnson, RN Client
“I contacted Taylor very last moment to review a contract for a possible job. She was able to break all the legal jargon down where I was able to understand it better. She is very knowledgeable and kind which will take her far! I highly recommend her if you are ever in need of legal advice or assistance.”

Brenda Russo, Owner of Babe Creative Services, LLC
“I contracted Taylor to draw up an ambassador’s contract and she did a great job. Her experience with social media and her understanding of how women owned small businesses work was really helpful. I highly recommend Taylor The Attorney!”

Anna Zuniga, Owner of Bright Events Austin
‘As a small business owner the to do list of things you need to get done while still managing your business is never ending. Thankful for Taylor who made my rental contracts with a quick turn around time. She has also provided quick response for any other inquiry or answer my questions.”

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