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Good news!  You’ve found the place where creative-based business owners, content creators, servicepreneurs, freelancers + coaches/consultants go for legal solutions like custom contracts and digital asset & IP protection in an informal, but serious-about-results manner.

You don’t have to tell me twice – you want expert guidance, on hard-to-Google topics, like how to deal with spicy clients, how to protect your digital assets + creative IP, and how to look, sound & feel more professional as a business owner amidst all the chaos.

I also get that hiring a business attorney still feels a little intimidating and is something you know you should do, but you’re not even sure where to begin.

That’s where I step in with 8 years experience as a Texas attorney and 5 years as a small business owner myself. 

Fun confetti, pink outfits and sparklers aside, I believe it’s time you live out your business dreams with less stress and more confidence in your own abilities as a business owner.

Taylor, founder of Taylor the Attorney

Taylor The Attorney was started with the intent of it being…well, a lot different from other law firms out there.

A boutique law firm that breaks the mold and makes legal services accessible, approachable, inclusive and empowering legal services for creative-based businesses, content creators, freelancers, servicepreneurs & coaches. 

I combined two things I love – the law and working with female entrepreneurs – to alleviate those stress migraines and give you a peace of mind that no Google rabbit hole can fill, to bring specific, expert legal guidance that saves you time (and belly aches) – and to bring you from confused to confident.  I can’t wait to collaborate with you to create legal solutions that have a big impact! 

Wondering if you’re in the right place?

This is the place for you, if you feel…

  • Overwhelmed;
  • Intimidated;
  • Confused; or 
  • Unsure

This is DEFINITELY the place for you if you’re a…

  • Wedding Planner; 
  • Interior Decorator;
  • Event Planner;
  • Content Creator;
  • Artist;
  • Clothing Boutique;
  • Florist;
  • Health & Wellness Coach; or
  • Social Media Strategist; or
  • Any other creative or service-based business

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My Story.

My 8 years of experience as an attorney and 5 years as a small business owner is enhanced by higher education – a Texas law degree (J.D.) and Masters In Business Administration (M.B.A.)

I’m also a 5-Time Texas Super Lawyer Rising Star (2019-2023), an annual honor limited to only 2.5% of Texas Attorneys that are under 40 or have been practicing 10 years or less.

I’ve worked with clients ranging from professional speakers, to wedding industry professionals, to interior decorators and event planners, to content creators, to clothing boutiques, to freelancers, to social media strategists, to software and service-based companies.

Between legal projects, you’ll find me traveling the world, attending concerts, online shopping, and hanging out with my two cats (Babou & Norris) with my husband in the Austin, Texas area.


Degrees: PR / J.D. / M.B.A.

7+ Years as Texas Attorney 

4+ Years as Small Business Owner 

4 Consecutive Years As Texas Super Lawyers, Rising Star Recipient

3 as President of two (2) nationally-affiliated nonprofits

I’ve worked both in traditional law firms and worked for myself throughout my 8 year legal career. Both of these experiences taught me there is greater value in legal services that are accessible, approachable, inclusive and empowering than anything else. If you’re looking to outsource and need someone to take the lead on your next legal project, you’re in the right place.

But more important than all of that formal CV-type chatter…

I’m obsessed with seeing how creative legal solutions can help female entrepreneurs get a good night’s sleep and gain major self-confidence as a business owner.

I love every second spent connecting, collaborating and cheering women business owners on throughout their business journey – from beginning to end.

I’m naturally a very high-energy type person and thanks to 14 years of soccer – I’m also hyper team-oriented. So being your no. 1 cheerleader comes easy to me. Whether we’re chatting about what business structure is right for you, why you need written employee policies or how to plan for retirement, you’ve always got someone rooting for you.

So put the aspirin down and get in touch! My inbox is quite literally always open.

My Approach.

My approach to 1:1 legal services is a… bit different than your average, traditional law firm. 

Here, you’ll find legal solutions for female entrepreneurs that are accessible, approachable, inclusive & empowering so you can protect your business, gain financial freedom and build a legacy.

How do I do this? Glad you asked.


Bossy, know-it-all attitudes that make you feel like you’re just a dollar sign, won’t be found at TTA. Unfortunately,  it’s common for me to hear how lawyers have mistreated clients or made them feel “less than” in the past. Heck, even I have horror stories! Here, you’ll be treated with respect – I can promise that you’ll never be spoken down to. 


In my experience, using big words and legal jargon has been used as a way to keep certain people out of the loop (and out of the way). I make it a point to use commonly used words you know and understand, so that you’ll be able to comprehend exactly what I’m saying. The more you learn, the more you further your business’ future growth and long term success.

Fee Structure.

With an upcoming recession on the horizon, I understand tightening your belt a bit. In order to help clients out, I offer both flat fee and by-the-hour payment options. No $5k retainers here.


I know you’re super busy. So, every interaction and correspondence we’ll have will be online. Meaning you can legally protect your business without ever even leaving the house or wasting any precious gas (or time!) in traffic. 

  • Need to schedule a meeting? Calendly
  • Need to sign a document? DocUSign
  • Need to review your legal documents? Google Docs
  • Need to finish your Client Questionnaire? Google Forms
  • Need to meet? Zoom

Working With Me.

I’ve never really been one to follow the rules and I don’t believe that anyone should do something just because that’s “how it’s always been done.” I took this into account in creating Taylor the Attorney, and in doing so created an online legal platform designed to help female creative entrepreneurs legally protect business so that they can gain financial freedom and build a legacy.

So, what does a 1:1 with me look like?

I like to knock things out in a single day. 

Sounds crazy, right?

Rest assured, my prep game is strong. 

This allows me to provide you with top notch, done-for-you legal services while also using a flat fee structure, which is a lot easier on your pocket than a giant retainer fee. It also helps me solve your legal concerns in less than 12 hours, so you can meet deadlines and finally start making big money moves.

I’ve broken down our day together into six sections:

  1. Pre-Session: You’ll be expected to fill out a lengthy Client Questionnaire, which is designed to help me tailor your legal documents and solutions specifically to your business’ needs. This is due 48 hours ahead of our session start time to allow me time to start prepping for our day and begin drafting your legal documents.  
  1. Clarification Session: Starting at 10 a.m., this Session is the time for us to chat further about the specifics of your legal issues and needs so that during the break, I can customize your new legal documents, drafted specifically for your business. 
  1. Educational Session: Right after we clarify your needs and answer any lingering questions, we’ll jump into the educational portion of our day. During this time, Taylor will educate you on basic (but important) legal concepts that affect your business both now and in the future. This session will be based on one of the following 6 Stages of Legal Protection, depending on which legal service you invested in:
    1. Business Structure;
    2. Website, Digital & Social Asset Protection;
    3. Employees & HR;
    4. Intellectual Property Protections; and 
    5. Business Succession (Retirement)  Planning 
  1. *BREAK*
  1. Implementation Session: Mid Afternoon, we’ll jump back on Zoom and go over any questions you have, any edits that need to be made and then I’ll tell you exactly how to execute your new legal documents() so implementation is seamless!
  1. Post-Session: After our day together, you have a 7 day access pass to a legal expert (me!) for follow-up questions, implementation clarification, whatever you need. In addition, the following will be emailed to you within 24 hours of our 1:1 service.
    1. Recording of all sessions that day;
    2. Word versions of your legal documents; and
    3. Written step-by-step instructions on how to implement your new legal documents or other legal tasks that still need to be accomplished.

For full descriptions and pricing:

Do you have any other legal solution alternatives?

40+ Legal Templates: Download professionally drafted contracts and legal document templates instantly at TaylortheAttorney.com. These expertly drafted legal templates are inexpensive, fill-in-the-blank alternatives to the personalized custom legal documents that are provided during a 1:1 Session.

Guides + Roadmaps: Using expert guidance, Taylor aims to take complex legal concepts & issues and simplify them using easy to understand language.

Solving Your Problems.

The first step towards having your legal concerns eliminated is. to jump on a quick Discovery Call with me to go over your needs and issues. From there, I’ll send you a proposal for your personalized legal solutions.


Kristen Johnson, RN Client
“I contacted Taylor very last moment to review a contract for a possible job. She was able to break all the legal jargon down where I was able to understand it better. She is very knowledgeable and kind which will take her far! I highly recommend her if you are ever in need of legal advice or assistance.”

Brenda Russo, Owner of Babe Creative Services, LLC
“I contracted Taylor to draw up an ambassador’s contract and she did a great job. Her experience with social media and her understanding of how women owned small businesses work was really helpful. I highly recommend Taylor The Attorney!”

Anna Zuniga, Owner of Bright Events Austin
‘As a small business owner the to do list of things you need to get done while still managing your business is never ending. Thankful for Taylor who made my rental contracts with a quick turn around time. She has also provided quick response for any other inquiry or answer my questions.”

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